Employer Resources

Guides, links, and more helpful resources and tools for employers. Great for start-ups and established companies alike!

Employer Resources

Guides, links, and more helpful resources and tools for employers. Great for start-ups and established companies alike!


Alternative HR has produced various downloadable guides packed with helpful information for employers. Use as a “refresher” or to gain more knowledge of the specified topic.

Before You Hire Your First Employee

Before You Hire Your First Employee

A thorough, yet easy-to-follow list of the 11 crucial steps to take before hiring your first employee. Covers the main topics each employer must follow prior to hiring.

supervisors skills for success guide

Supervisors: Skills for Success Guide

Effective supervisor’s job is to establish goals and lead a team of people to achieve those goals. A skilled supervisor is an effective communicator, problem-solver and employee motivator. In order to become a good leader and get the most out of all of your employees, you need to have insight into their strengths and developmental needs. Leadership requires stepping out in front with new, creative ideas that save money, increase productivity and establish credibility and respect from employees. This guide will help you improve in these areas of supervision.

performance improvement plans guide

Performance Improvement Plans & Employee Evaluations

This guide will provide valuable lessons for helping an employee improve performance, if they are meant to stay with your organization, as well as when to show them the door if they are not. It also provides tips for regular employee evaluations.

Performance Review Do's and Don'ts Guide

Performance Review Do’s and Don’ts Guide

Performance reviews are an excellent way to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement. This quick one page guide from Alternative HR will help you conduct performance reviews like a true leader!

employer resources

Finding the Right Employee Guide

It’s no secret that finding the right employee can be challenging for any employer. This Alternative HR guide provides employers with 15 ways to find employees in a competitive economy.

employer resources

The Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring Guide

This comprehensive guide was developed to assist employers in the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring process. It’s ok if you are not even sure where to start…we included tips for job analysis and figuring that out, too! Legal interviewing questions, best practices, and onboarding them so they want to stay are also included.



The Alternative HR Blog contains helpful articles, latest news and updates, and tips for employers.

Which Employees Are Essential During Times of Crisis?

Which Employees Are Essential During Times of Crisis?

Employees are classified into two categories based on the duties/responsibilities of their position. Essential employees are indispensable to providing necessary goods or services to the public and are required to assist in meeting operational needs during...

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Are You Developing Leaders?

Are You Developing Leaders?

It goes without saying that our best asset within our organization is our talent.  Hiring, developing and retaining talent is one of the most important features to any organization’s long-term growth strategy.  But how do we ensure that this is true and...

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Keystone to Your Growth

Keystone to Your Growth

In the current economic boom, companies have been thriving and growing. Things may seem to be going great with your company growing at a rapid pace. However, it is easy to overlook some key aspects that will ensure your long-term growth and success.  What might...

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Kelli Gift, Tel: 717.766.1777 www.PaySmartPa.com

Small Business Resource Group Affiliate
PaySmart provides payroll service, not just a check.

PaySmart’s staff uses their expertise in payroll to help small businesses grow and prosper in the ever-changing economy. PaySmart provides an affordable payroll solution that allow business owners to focus their efforts on achieving success in their industry.


Don Jacobs Insurance Services


Don Jacobs Insurance Services, Chick Zoll, [email protected], 1-888-844-6569, www.donjacobsinsurance.com

Our mission for you is Total Insurance Solutions – finding the best package and value for you while meeting all of your protection needs. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible. Our commitment is so strong that we continue to make house calls at your convenience. As an independent agency, we work for YOU. Insurance coverage is available for virtually any need or budget. We are committed to finding that best mix of policy and price.


Cleckley Assessments, LLC


Cleckley Assessments, LLC is a Human Resource company that specializes in Employment Assessment tools. Their employment assessments (tests) include informational tools that measure job-fit, integrity, sales ability, customer service ability and more.  In addition they offer over 1000 computer skill and job skill tests.  All of these tools help managers make better decisions when hiring and promoting people.  Cleckley Assessments is a business partner of Profiles International, the recognized world leader in Human Resource Management and Employment Assessment tools.

Call:   (717) 627-3920
Website:   www.CleckleyAssessments.com
Email:    [email protected]


Summit HRD


Julie Poland, (717) 767-6595

Summit HRD partners with closely held businesses in the areas of planning, leadership development and process improvement.  Their more than 23 years of experience in 30+ industries has helped Summit’s clients improve finances, management, customer loyalty, and growth.  Summit coaches can come onsite, and can work with you the owner,  a key person or a team to help you achieve your goals.


The Tangible Effect


Suzanne Harrison, (717) 758-3432

The Tangible Effect, Inc. is not like other consulting companies. We don’t work in silos.  We want to understand every department, division, and interface.  We roll our sleeves up to understand what is going on. Starting in the accounting and finance department and working our way in, we figure out what isn’t working the way it should. Our mission is to empower business owners to utilize the right information at the right time for their business’s growth stage transforming their vision into reality.

Employee Management

No time for updating job descriptions, performance reviews, terminating employees, or handling the benefits renewal? Let us help!

HR Audits

This overview of the HR functions will tell you if you are in compliance, gives you handbook feedback, and shares some best practices.

HR Retainer Program

This program includes unlimited phone and email consultation on HR topics for only $10 per employee, per month.

On-Site Services

Alternative HR offer HR assistance at your facility on a weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed basis to help with any HR related tasks.

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